Friday, December 31, 2010

The Expected New Year's Eve Post

I figured I had to write something, along with every other blogger in the world tonight. It's the end of another big year, and I'm going to go all cliche on you and say "this year has gone faster than any year ever has!" I don't know why. Maybe because I changed jobs part way through, maybe because I spent a good chunk of the year totally psyched for life, maybe because as you get older time really does travel faster. These are all valid options. But anyway. This year has been another big one, which is mostly a good thing. A quick recap:

- We were not broke. Excellent improvement.

- We cruised through our second year of marriage like it was a piece of buttercake.

- I fell a little bit in love with gardening, crochet, cooking, Master Chef, and Mr Scheuster from Glee

- My Mum got sick. Really sick. And I experienced some of the purest forms of fear and uncertainty that I'd ever felt. Thankfully she's doing OK for the most part now.

- We became a part of the Paradox Church Community, and it's been challenging and amazing.

- We bought pieces for our slowly-but-surely kitchen renovation

- I met some incredible people and made some really excellent new friends

2011 is going to be different. I can say with certainty that there will be new challenges, and I even know what some of them are going to be. Having said that, I'm always amazed by how much a new year can surprise me, so mostly I'm excited to be surprised. So 2010, thank you. 2011... be kind :)

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