Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 49

What the heck is that???? It's a blueberry friand slice, fresh outta the oven. I know it looks anemic, but it is actually quite a lovely treat!!! I used to be really into baking - for our first year of marriage, you couldn't keep me away from the oven. I would bake some yummy treat at least once a week. And then on the 27th of December, our oven blew up. We were oven-less until April this year, and during that time I learnt to cope without the luxury of cooking roasts, pizzas, lasagnes, casseroles... and baked treats. So when the oven was finally fixed in April, while I relished the opportunity to roast and make pizzas and stuff again, baking somehow fell by the wayside. Sad! I want to get back into it, because a baking wife is a GREAT wife!! Ha. So last night I made this blueberry friand slice, which I've had in my recipe file for about a year, tempting me each week as I flick through and plan meals. Yay!

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