Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 67

This year I swore I wouldn't put myself through the Boxing Day Sales... but all it took was one little text from Steph and I was soooo on board! Armed with Westfield and Myer gift cards, I was one of those people standing outside Myer Carousel at 10.02am fuming "Why haven't they opened yet???" My 'patience' was rewarded though - as soon as I burst through those doors, I made my way to the Christmas section and found the one item that I'd been hoping to find on sale, and I managed to purchase it before a line had even formed at the till. Triumph! I also managed to aquire shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, headbands... all that stuff that I convince myself I need an endless supply of.

We finished at Carousel around midday (amazing!) and you'd think the shopping would end there, wouldn't you? But after dropping Steph home, Chris and I then headed out to Rockingham to shop a bit more. And then Bunnings. To shop a little bit more. Crazy people.

The evening was really fun :) My parents hosted a family-friends gathering (another tradition!) and while all the 'grown-ups' did grown-up things, the 'kids' (aged 19-26...) played games in the family room!! Which finally ties the photo of Hatti above into everything! We were playing Articulate and that was her semi-bewildered 'describing' face. Nothing like a good action shot!

Apologies for the lengths of these posts lately - I just can't find a way to condense my stories, when my days have been so full of amazing stuff lately!!!

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