Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 59

JOY! JOY! Saturday was a day for bulk cooking and cleaning. We worked our butts off - me generally standing over a pot of melting chocolate, or rolling balls of ganache, and Chris blasting leaves, clearing cobwebs and vacuuming the floors. We decided to reward ourselves with a delicious dinner at Steel Tree, followed by a jaunt out to Atwell to visit my friend Felipe and his absolutely Christmas-licious street. Oh. My. Goodness. Words can't even describe the magic on that street! There's an entire culdersack filled with stunning Christmas lights, as well as miscellaneous houses dotted along the street. The culdersack was hosting a huge event - the road was blocked, there were people everywhere, there were kids selling fairy floss, sausage sizzles, and shaking tins for PMH. There was a teddy bear mascot, crazy Christmas music... what a place!! I loved it, more than just a little bit! It's just so exciting to see an entire street getting into the magic of it all. Most excellent indeed...

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