Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 63

Welcome to a peek at another new Christmas tradition :) Last year, Pauline (far left) started having a group of us girls over at her place for catching up. We all were youth leaders together for a period when Pauline was the Core leader. We finished last year with a big Christmas dinner, and never found a chance to catch up again in 2010. However, I guess last year's Christmas was so epic that it became a necessary tradition! It was so fun to hang out on Wednesday night in this particular group again and catch up on the year, eating a delicious dinner and finishing with our second annual gingerbread house construction! Lovely Sam baked the foundations, and then we all went crazy with the candy sticking - and the immediate destruction as soon as it was deemed to be finished! I have a big place in my heart for traditions, especially at this time of year. It kind of makes Christmas feel like it's a whole season, rather than just one day in the year.

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