Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 65

There is no competition - Christmas Eve is the very best day in the whole entire year. I love this day so much. My Mum's side of the family is Hungarian, and we've always done our main Christmas event on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. It's completely magic and I can't WAIT to have kids so that I can experience it through the eyes of a kid all over again. When I was a kid, it always started with family dinner at my grandparents' house - my Aunt & Uncle, our cousins, our grandparents and my parents and sisters would eat a huge feast while 'the angels' put up the Christmas tree, decorate, and lay out presents for us. Nobody was allowed to peek into the living room in case the angels were startled and flew away. We would wait, and listen for the sound of bells. It was sooo painful - we were just so freaking excited! Finally we would hear the bells and an old Hungarian song playing from the living room - it was the angels' sign that things were ready for us. This was such a magical moment - walking into the living room as a whole family and just looking at this lit tree, piles of presents underneath, decorations everywhere... Amazing. These days it's just my parents and sisters (and now Chris!) on Christmas Eve, but we still carry things out in a similar way - although we're the ones doing the tree and putting the presents underneath now! But after dinner, we still all listen for those bells. I love it. Every person should have Christmas like this.

Our Christmas Eve dinner was amazing by the way - ohmahgoodness. Strawberry daiquiris, cheesey bruschetta, tarhonya, chicken with the most perfect stuffing, cheesey layered potatoes, roast vegetables, honey carrots... Drool. It was a perfect night and I got some super great presents too!!! But the best part was just doing this all with my family - they're quite seriously the best family in the universe.


Alice said...

Sounds great Klara! We had a very quite one. Missing all our family on your side of the country :( Love your many talented chicky's like you in the blogosphere providing some inspiration for me :) Belated Christmas wishes from us 5 over here!! xx Alice

xxoo Klara said...

Alice!! I love seeing all your updates on FB :) merry belated Christmas to you too!!!