Friday, December 31, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 70

Poser alert!!! If you haven't seen me in person for the last 6 months, you wouldn't have seen how ridiculously long my hair has been lately. I finally achieved the super-long hair that I've been wanting to grow for the last couple of years... just in time for a very hot Australian Summer. While I love the look of long hair, it's a pain and I'm not good at looking after it. So on Wednesday I visited my amazing hairdresser friend Taryn, and we sent a huge amount of it to hair heaven. I miss it a little, and it's weird, but I also LOVE my new, much shorter hair! I know in the pic it's still looking pretty long, but in comparison to how it was before it's a HUGE change!

So that's my hair. Today's picture was supposed to be a really cute one of Aimee, Amy, Chris and me after a fun little coffee date, but the picture turned out so badly that I couldn't make anything good out of it during the editing process. Huge bummer! Perils of the iPhone I guess... I vote a decent camera and flash for their next model!!!

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