Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Purple

Yes, we are close to being broke. But I am a foolish lady who can't say no to an adorable bag.

And she is really, really adorable. Like my favourite shade of purple EVER. And quite cheap, as far as bags go. So yesterday I brought her home with me. I'm calling it a "congratulations on your new job, me!" present.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Colour me BEYOND impressed!
So I've started Indie Biz 2.0 and I am LOVING it! It's such a great class, and is way going beyond my expectations! Big work-load though, I'm struggling just a little bit to keep up the class-a-day routine. Not worry, because it is work at your own pace. I just don't want to fall behind.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y. The teachers have set up an amazing business networking/socialising site and it is fantastic. I'm really getting to know my class mates, their stories, and I'm telling you some of them just blow me away! I'm thinking I might do a blog feature once a week or something on someone from the class. It's so exciting.

This week I'm kicking it off with a post about a little duo who call themselves Jordan Taylah.

Taylah Golden is one half of the duo and she's in the class. And she's 14. At 12 she and her friend Jordan started making PJs for school camps, and almost instantly started finding that everyone wanted a piece of them! They were selling to friends, and started expanding crazily, to the point where they now run an online shop and stock a couple of local stores with their pyjamas. Yes, at 14. And look how cute!!!

How inspiring is that???? Plus they're a pair of Aussie girls, so they are pretty much the coolest :)

A Bit Outdated But... The Photoshoot!

So I realise that I've been meaning to post the 'out-takes' from the shoot I did with my models/sisters a few weeks back, but I haven't done it yet! What a fool! It was a blistering hot day and I never, ever want to try and take so many photos in 42 degree heat. Yick! The sun was so bright I couldn't even see the pictures I was taking. But the girls were very good to me and posed their little hearts out, swapping brooches and hair clips after every third or fourth photo.

Here's Hannah cooling off in the shade of some hideous native tree in our yard that we were very thankful for!

The girls goofing around...!

And this is how I got them to help me get the backdrop (AKA creased white sheet) higher than head-level so I wouldn't get sky in the pics... Ha!

Tons of great product pics came out of the shoot, but I'll just share a couple. They can all be seen in my shop under each separate item anyways :)

Steph's hair was the best for my brightly coloured hair clips! Gotta love the black!

And that was the shoot. Next time I am soooo finding a better backdrop and better light. I think my photography is always just going to be a work in progress...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cute Project Time...

I'm so trying this, hopefully tonight :)