Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Colour me BEYOND impressed!
So I've started Indie Biz 2.0 and I am LOVING it! It's such a great class, and is way going beyond my expectations! Big work-load though, I'm struggling just a little bit to keep up the class-a-day routine. Not worry, because it is work at your own pace. I just don't want to fall behind.

A.N.Y.W.A.Y. The teachers have set up an amazing business networking/socialising site and it is fantastic. I'm really getting to know my class mates, their stories, and I'm telling you some of them just blow me away! I'm thinking I might do a blog feature once a week or something on someone from the class. It's so exciting.

This week I'm kicking it off with a post about a little duo who call themselves Jordan Taylah.

Taylah Golden is one half of the duo and she's in the class. And she's 14. At 12 she and her friend Jordan started making PJs for school camps, and almost instantly started finding that everyone wanted a piece of them! They were selling to friends, and started expanding crazily, to the point where they now run an online shop and stock a couple of local stores with their pyjamas. Yes, at 14. And look how cute!!!

How inspiring is that???? Plus they're a pair of Aussie girls, so they are pretty much the coolest :)

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taylah_ said...

i just found this post, thank you so much!! that was so sweet of you to mention us, and we recieved over 50 views to our website from your url. Would it be ok if I added this post to the Media section of the site, along with a link to your blog ?