Thursday, April 15, 2010


I can see that you're on your way here. And I like that.

Chris is away this weekend. I miss him when he goes. I'm a bit strange, when he's not home I can't think of stuff to do. Everything just feels a bit pointless. I could never have moved out of my parents' home and lived alone! I definitely need people around in order to exist properly. Is that a bad thing? I guess it is, when you're stuck home alone for an entire weekend!
I'm hoping to make the most of the weekend and tick off the following things:
- More shop updating. I've gotten slack
- Proper blog work. I feel like I've drifted in and out of here leaving nothing but other people's pictures and a vague update on my life, since starting this blog. It's still plain white and boring. Boring!
- Indie Biz class catch up. I am like, 20 lessons behind. Ouch.
- Laundry. Because it will be sunny for the first time in a small while, and the dirty clothes are piling up everywhere. Plus, Chris is going to come home with a pile more...
- Wishing and mindlessly brainstorming for this crazy new dream I've discovered inside me. Heck.
Wish me luck!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Um, Adorable!!

(found via weheartit)
I would love to do something like this on a cushion cover or something... soooo freaking lovely!!
As usual, I've been a bit AWOL lately. Life is dishing out lots of unwanted physical pain at the moment. I mean that literally. In the last 3 weeks I've had a terrible reaction to a bee sting, a stiff neck, and now a bad back (I've never had a back injury in my life!) It's all very exhausting. I swear everyone at my new job must think I'm the world's biggest hypocondriach (K, don't know how to spell that big word!)
Aside from being in various pains, life is great. It always is, despite the silly little things we have to deal with along the way. I'm dying to get in the craft room and do something new (a castle appliqued cushion cover perhaps? Tehe). I'm dying for it to rain for 2 days straight (preferably over a weekend, even if that is when I usually do my laundry!) And I'm also dying to actually post interesting stuff on my blog. Plus, I'm dying to catch up on the Indie Biz classes I've been putting off... yikes!
I guess I'm just waiting for life to get less crazy... probly not gonna happen! Oh well!!