Thursday, April 15, 2010


I can see that you're on your way here. And I like that.

Chris is away this weekend. I miss him when he goes. I'm a bit strange, when he's not home I can't think of stuff to do. Everything just feels a bit pointless. I could never have moved out of my parents' home and lived alone! I definitely need people around in order to exist properly. Is that a bad thing? I guess it is, when you're stuck home alone for an entire weekend!
I'm hoping to make the most of the weekend and tick off the following things:
- More shop updating. I've gotten slack
- Proper blog work. I feel like I've drifted in and out of here leaving nothing but other people's pictures and a vague update on my life, since starting this blog. It's still plain white and boring. Boring!
- Indie Biz class catch up. I am like, 20 lessons behind. Ouch.
- Laundry. Because it will be sunny for the first time in a small while, and the dirty clothes are piling up everywhere. Plus, Chris is going to come home with a pile more...
- Wishing and mindlessly brainstorming for this crazy new dream I've discovered inside me. Heck.
Wish me luck!
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Katie said...

Ooh good luck! If you keep yourself busy, you'll forget you're alone! I would say have fun, but Laundry kind of rules that bit out :P