Friday, May 21, 2010

This One's For You, Husband...

Thank you for:
- Treating me like a normal person when I have strange freak-outs and crazy-lady mood swings
- Letting me get Cupcake even though he was very expensive and we weren't even supposed to be getting a puppy yet (let alone 2!!)
- Surprising me with flowers AND a Master Chef cook book over the last fortnight
- Looking at my herb garden when I tell you to, and throwing in impressed and encouraging comments
- Cleaning the floor amazingly
- Offering to cook when you start finishing work earlier
- Fixing the TV reception :)
- Letting me buy dumb things (like dresses) that I don't need, and we can't afford, but I reallllly want
- Feeding the dogs pretty much every night because Cupcake prefers to eat food served by Daddy for some reason
- Sitting under the patio, looking out at the garden and dreaming with me
- Going grocery shopping with me
- Driving pretty much any time we go out
- Eating everything I cook and making me feel like I've made the tastiest meal in the world every night
- Carrying the love bird cage around even though you don't really like the love birds
- Letting me call you all kinds of embarrassing, non-manly nicknames
- Treating me to back rubs even when you're just as tired as me
- Giving me sips of your Pepsi because I can't justify drinking a whole can of it any more
- Putting up with me telling you to "stop eating my chips and get your own!"
- Explaining technical stuff to me when you know I have noooo idea
- Answering my questions about movies/TV shows while we're watching them
- Being a genuinely amazing husband. Seriously, you deserve every gold star in the world!


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