Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 64

Look at that big puppy grin. Doesn't he look like I've just made his day? Ha. Some mornings, Cupcake has this nasty little habit of yapping and shrieking and barking at me, non-stop, while I eat my breakfast - particularly if I haven't fed him yet. Now, all the experts say not to food your dog before you eat yourself, or they'll think they're higher than you in the breakfast-eating hierarchy. Most mornings I stick it out, but I do admit some days the piercing shrieks are just too much, and I cave and feed the dogs first. I know, terrible parenting. Anyway, Thursday morning was a strong one. Despite my ringing ears, I bravely sat outside and ate breakfast under the vicious beration of my puppy. Out of a random curiosity, I took a photo of him with his mouth wide open, and... what? That's not a horrible-looking yapping face - that's a big puppy grin! I took a whole series of these photos, Cupcake barking away, and now I have a little collection of Cupcake 'Smiling' photos. Haha. It made things a little more fun for me. And then I took 2 Ibuprofens for my poor head.

I should note that Thursday night was actually spent watching Love Actually at my friend Lisa's house, but do you think I remembered to take a picture? No, I did not. Which is a shame because that was definitely more of a highlight!!

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