Monday, January 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 72

Happy New Year!! I spent New Years Eve at my beloved foreshore, with some very beloved friends. There was a big family event happening which was a lot of fun, so we sat amongst the crowds for most of the night. A while before midnight we packed up and headed out to a more secluded area just up above the beach. We were able to watch the fireworks up so close from that spot – it was amazing! I’m not a NYE resolutions kinda girl, but I have thought about some things that I would like to do this year:

1. Go on an overseas holiday with Chris
2. Learn about fashion
3. Acquire a record player and start collecting some records
4. Finish my first granny square crocheted blanket
5. Start enjoying some kind of food that I currently don’t like
6. Finish our half-kitchen renovation (we are so close!!!)
7. Work towards writing my own cook book
8. Host at least one dinner party each month
9. Thrift some more furniture
10. Spend more regular time with my amazing sisters.

So, 2011... we are here! Here's hoping the year is amazing.

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