Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 82

The birthday week continues!!! Tuesday night was family dinner at our classic family birthday restaurant - Pancho's Villa! We go there for almost every birthday to indulge in the greatest Mexican food ever! Pancho's is filled with so many memories with friends and family. One of our favourite pastimes as kids was brandishing our forks and carving into the bright blue tables (it's a 'thing' there, we're not normally vandals!!!) I got the beef nachos which I've amazingly never had before (how????), and they freaking rocked! But the highlight of the visit is always dessert - we can never get past the sopapillas, which is basically a plate filled with cinnamon tortilla chips, icecream and caramel. It's a fun dessert to order because it's prepared by the waiters, and they each have their own way of putting it together. You never know what it's going to come out looking like! But we always know that it will taste super good and give us a great sugar hit for the night. Mmmm...

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