Monday, April 18, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 160

Yesterday (Sunday) was everything a Sunday should be. We slept in, had a lazy start, and then headed to Warnbro Fair for the greatest kebabs in the entire universe. There's this pokey little shop front, it's called Kebab Kitchen, and you step inside and you're transported to Turkey! I wanted to take a photo of Chris standing amongst the pretty little display covering an entire wall, but the problem with the Kebab Kitchen is that it's always so dang busy!! You generally have to wait a while for your deliciousness to be prepared, but it's so freaking worth it! The special thing about these kebabs is that they toast them so they're all crunchy on the outside. Nommmmmm. We took our kebabs on a little road trip to the beach front at Safety Bay, and even managed to avoid the rain which was spitting down in patches all day. Best little kebab date ever!
The rest of the day was happily productive - we grocery shopped, I finished my assignment, we washed every dirty dish in the house, Chris filled some holes in the walls with spackling in preparation for our big upcoming paint job, and then we enjoyed a super super super yummy dinner of korma lamb skewers with a fresh tomato mint salsa and delicious garlic rosemary naan bread (a little experimentation of mine that paid off)! Best Sunday ever!

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