Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 155

Oh, the sweet life of a student! I love my Tuesday breaks between classes just soooo much! I always end up making some kind of social plans - my 2-5pm break is a particularly coveted slot! This week I got a double whammy - I spent my 10-12 break with my Mum at the shops, where we lunched and coffee'd, and I acquired a killer leather jacket!! For my 2-5 break I met Kirstin at a new chocolate lounge which has opened up across the road from campus. Interesting vibe! I think my general idea of chocolate lounges is that they are kind of trendy and upmarket. This place has some of that vibe, but also a cheap, student-y kind of feel as well (I think the chocolate drizzled croissant and the menu shown in the picture above are a perfect example of this juxtaposition!!) It was a really excellent time of catching up and brainstorming with Kirstin! She's playing around with some ideas of starting up a new blog, and although I certainly don't have the most riveting example, I'm also an avid reader and I have some ideas as to what works and what doesn't, particularly in the field of indie art businesses (which is Kirstin's industry, as luck would have it!) I think we both came away feeling pretty inspired - her with a page of notes from our brainstorming, and me with a renewed passion for breathing life into my blogging! Yay!

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