Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 148

Ohhhh. Yay. For shoddy photography in the dark. This was a happy Tuesday! I had uni through most of the day, then got home to discover that my super tacky-but-fun pink wig had arrived from China! Test-drive time! After a little bit of styling, I headed out to Rockingham shops to meet my fab bestie. We coffee'd and gauged the reactions of the locals, then it was time to head back home. On my way home I was waiting at a red light, and a car full of people pulled up next to me. Everyone in the car began "woo"ing - eeeep! I was too shy to look over! I might be able to wear the hair, but I sure don't have the full personality to pull it off! Lol. After dropping in quickly at home, Chris and I headed out to Challenge Stadium. The plan was dinner and a show (Carl Barron!! Yay!!!) but we got stuck in traffic for over an hour, so dinner was off the cards.
The photo above is us sitting in the stadium, waiting for Mr Barron. The show was great! He's a funny man, and the fact that the tickets were a surprise gift for Chris made it extra fun - he was a happy camper! But let me rant about the venue for just a moment. In order to look at the stage, we had to swivel our necks 90 degrees - imagine doing this for an entire show. The seats are too small and packed together too tightly to be able to swivel your whole body, so by the end we had big ol' neck and back aches. Challenge Stadium is a sports stadium, not a suitable event venue. Two thumbs dowwwwwn!

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