Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 154

Welcome to my favourite class at uni! The class is about creative arts in early childhood education, and every week we have a lesson, then play with different art mediums. A few weeks ago we drew flowers (that's mine above) and this week we were given free reign to paint them while the tutor went through the lesson of the day! How fun is that? I haven't painted with a box of water colours since I was a little kid - just opening the tin and smelling that familiar smell was amazing! Seeing as the class runs from 8am - 10am, it's really a great way to start the day! After painting we moved onto wire sculpting, and I had a total primary school moment when the tutor stopped by my desk and said "Wow Klara, what an intricate sculpture you've made there!" Tehehe.

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