Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 98

I LOVE eating dinner at my parents' place. My Mum's cooking is very much comfort food to me - it's the delicious, familiar cooking that I grew up eating, and try as I might I can't quite capture the same taste in my own kitchen when I'm trying to replicate her meals. Day 98 was a delicious BBQ dinner at my parents', in which every stop was pulled out - there was lamb, patties, chicken, 2 different salads, rolls, grilled onions, sausages, cheesey layered potato... Yeah, wow. Chris and Hannah's boyfriend Julius did the honours of cooking the meat (and they rocked it!) and then the only thing left to do was admire it, spread out on the table. Oh, and eat it. We all did plenty of eating.

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