Friday, February 25, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 119

We're in the thick of Summer here in Australia, and Chris and I had our air con die on us a couple of weeks ago. The days are disgustingly hot, and although the nights are pleasantly cool lately, our house gets so thoroughly heated in the afternoons that it doesn't cool down inside until the morning. Last Friday night we decided to spend our after-dinner time sitting under the patio, rather than holed up in our ridiculously warm living room in front of the TV. I love it when we take the time to sit together outside - for some reason, conversation just flows. We talk about our plans for the house, we dream together, we watch the dogs playing in the yard, I get excited about the idea of new gardening projects - it's a really lovely way to spend the evening. I know this probably sticks us up on the old-married-couple shelf more than ever, but I don't even mind. Patio-time makes me happy!

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