Friday, February 25, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 120

Saturday was a massive day for us! It started for me with delicious brunch with the besties at Cafe 58, a little Cafe we discovered on one of our many house-sitting adventures before I got married. They do the best mushrooms in the world, only two out of the three of us didn't even order mushrooms! It was a great time of catching up, and then for me it was off to a couple of tile shops with Chris... we looked at hundreds of tiles and I have to say, it started getting overwhelming. What if we don't pick the right tiles? What if a tile looks good by itself, but we hate it once its all over our floor? Pressure! It's not like painting, when you can change your mind 6 months later and paint a new colour over the top! After freaking out over the tiles, we headed to Bunnings to look at sinks and faucets. I never would have thought I'd have issues picking over these minor things, but I do! Everything must be perfect! Our heads filled to the brim with kitchen-related thoughts, we thankfully took a break for the evening and had dinner at our friends Alycia & Peter's place. Alycia pulled out all the stops by cooking a beautiful dinner AND making icecream for dessert! Once all the eating was over we held a big Wii tennis tournament, in which I sucked and lost every single game. Ha. It was such a fun night, and a good day over all. Love weekends!

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