Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 114

I have a weird obsession with red velvet cake. I love that most people I know haven't heard of it. I love that it's traditionally iced with a cream cheese icing. Mostly I just love that it's red. It's quite a site to cut into a pretty white cake and be faced with bright red innards! My only real issue is that although I've made a few red velvet cakes in my time, I've never really found that recipe that clicks, you know? On the Sunday before Valentines Day we put a surprise birthday party on for Paul, a really great guy who is part of Paradox (along with his beautiful wife Sue and grandson Michael). I love surprise parties! I think that throwing a surprise party for someone is a huge show of love. I volunteered to make the cake and decided to try Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake. WOW. I'm in love! It is such a simple recipe and it turned out perfectly. My only downfall was the heat - my icing was melting all over the place, and transporting it from my house to Kat's (where the party was) was a trying and stressful 4 minutes! In fact the top layer slipped off as I walked in the door and if not for Aimee's quick reflexes, it would have landed on the floor. Eeeeeeppp!!


Anonymous said...

Klara, you should go to Sherbet cafe, they have great red velvet cakes too! x

xxoo Klara said...

Thanks anonymous! ;) I'll check it out!