Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 106

This year my sisters and I are committing to spend more time as a trio. I love hanging out with them - we have a great relationship and we always have fun. We're aiming to have a night out on the first weekend of every month, so this was our first official sister night on the town! We headed to Zappatas for Mexican food and cocktails, then trawled the streets looking for adventure. We ended at the Esplanade Hotel where we classily sipped cocktails (which we were all carded for! Ha!), chatted, and listened to the live singer & pianist. It was a really lovely drinks venue, and one glance at their dinner menu made it very clear that we'll be eating there some time soon! We had planned to get coffee and cake together, but we were beyond tired, and extremely full of Mexican food still, so instead we called it a night early. Nannas.

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