Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 14

Ooops! I never got round to posting this yesterday! What a wild 24 hours it's been... yesterday I was busier at work than I've been in AGES. I enjoyed the novelty of being able to grocery shop after work and knowing that I had until 9pm to do so :) Thank you new retail regulations!!! I watched Chris and his indoor soccer team win their first game ever!!!! And we had a late dinner of bland chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce. But yesterday morning started as every Monday should - at the foreshore with Aimee. One of these days I'll remember to take a photo of the two of us on the beach, but for now you have to settle for a gazebo. This gazebo is fast becoming a cosy, familiar site - it's the first thing I see when I pull up at the foreshore. It makes me want to pack up and head there now... but it's actually time for me to leave for work! Ciao

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