Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 13

Today is a gorgeous, semi-lazy Sunday! This morning Chris and I (along with friends from our Church community, Paradox) headed over to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church to drop in on their morning service. The moment we pulled into the car park, I realised that I've been missing that place soooo much. I miss the big-ness of the service, I miss the people, and I missssssss working there. So much. Anyway. After the service, and catching up with some amazing friends, we headed home but decided to make a quick stop at a local strawberry farm. I see their sign every day when I head home from work, but we've never checked it out... AMAZING strawberries! They sell the strawberries and some miscellaneous vegetables out of this random little shed, surrounded by fields of strawberry plants. The whole place smelt of sweet, sweet strawberries. Yum! We picked up a massive punnet and headed home for a gorgeous lunch of strawberry smoothies and grilled tomato and cheese and sat under our freshly-cleaned patio. Total bliss.

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