Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 2

This morning was a crazy blur of cooking in preparation for serving my friends some dinner tonight. Not too exciting. But over the weekend, I had moved my little table-top herb garden to a new spot in my yard, visible from the kitchen. It sounds lame, but looking at these plants that have grown from seeds and seedlings in my care is so rewarding - even more so when I use them in my cooking! The morning was very over-cast, so the plants just looked so vibrant - as I washed dishes and chopped vegetables, I definitely enjoyed the view from my kitchen window :)

I also went overboard with the editing of this picture, but I loved the vibrance from over-editing so I decided to keep it that way!


cb said...

what a cute little picture! i love your veggies..makes me want to see the rest of your garden!!


xxoo Klara said...

Oh thank you! I hate to admit, but about 90% of my garden is dried-up neck-high weeds...!