Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 12

WHAT A DAY!!!! Today was a blur of cleaning, lunch at my parents' place, my Aunt's wedding, Grill'd for dinner, Junior Master Chef with my Mum and sister Steph, and a late night super-quick catch-up with the besties! Crikey! After having seen so many people today, I sort of feel guilty for presenting a simple picture of food.. but seriously, the burgers at Grill'd are superb!!! I got a super amazing surprise when we pulled in at Grill'd - Kat's car was two spaces down from ours! As my suspicions confirmed, we found her... along with the other bestie, Hatti... about to chow down on burgers at - where else? - Grill'd!! Wooop! Mum, Steph and I pulled up a table next to them and we got to eat together before heading our separate ways. Great day :)

PS For the record, I got the Field of Dreams burger... Mushroom-tastic!!

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