Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Stories "Childhood Games"

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1. The Promise
When I was maybe 5 years old, my little sister Hannah and I were playing with a couple of little tubs of play-dough. I started getting bored with what we were doing, so decided to change things up by playing 'catch' with the dough-filled tubs. Hannah readily agreed, so I said "The only rule is we have to promise not to throw it at each other's heads". She responded with a trusting "I promise!" I am pretty sure it was only out of curiosity, but I immediately launched the thing straight at her head. She cried. I was an evil big sister.

2. Animal Games
I had a massive burning desire to be an animal of some sort when I was a kid. I'm pretty convinced that's a normal kid thing. Hannah was always ready to humour me in my endeavours by pretending to be my owner. Then our littlest sister Steph started joining in, and Hannah had quite the menagerie! Generally I was a horse called Fleur, and Steph was a puppy called Fluffball. Sometimes I wanted to be a numbat though.

3. Team Jacob!
In primary school, my best friend Fiona was obsessed with wolves. She was always drawing them, making stories about them, finding pictures of them... she loved them. We used to play on the school oval and pretend to be wolves. We also had wolf powers, like we could control the weather and stuff. Her wolf name was Skipper, but I can't remember what mine was. We would howl at the edge of the oval and run around like we were chasing prey. It started getting less fun though when she started biting me as discipline for not fulfilling all my duties as a wolf.

4. For one of my birthdays, Hannah decided to give me a little paper dog that she had made and stuffed with cotton wool balls. She told me the dog's name was Tinka and the breed of dog was called a 'colour pup'. This started a collection of epic proportions! Every special occasion, and sometimes just for fun, Hannah gifted me with more and more colour pups, and we'd spend hours playing with them. Their designs became more advanced too. We had so much fun. I still have Tinka in a box somewhere! I wish I knew what happened to the rest of them.

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