Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 34

I'm going to name my work of art above "Aimee and Amy with Green Tea". Sounds artsy right? Haha. Last night I went out for a 'late' coffee with Aimee, Amy and Lisa - 3 smashing ladies from the church community that Chris and I are a part of. I love Monday night coffees - aside from the usual fun of a group of ladies yabbering away, there can often be some kind of silly shenanigan to add a bit of spice to the night. Last night, as Aimee was finishing up her cup of green tea, she and Amy decided to try and eat a spoonful of the leaves each. I never knew how entertaining it could be watching two ladies choking down mouthfuls of tea leaves, and gagging as they tried to wash it down with water. Yep, last night we were 'those' customers in the coffee shop... Ha.


Amy said...

I have tears in my eyes from remembering it. Still think I need to brush my teeth another 1000 times but I'll be ok!

xxoo Klara said...

My favourite part was when it went all over your face. Ha!

Simon Bint said...

I love 'those' customers when I am being one of 'those' customers... haha