Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I Did 365 - Day 25

Oh man! I can't believe the weekend's already halfway through! Pout. Tonight Chris is working at a gig (he's a sound guy in his 'spare' time) so I had Aimee over for dinner. It was really nice - I cooked chicken filo parcels and a pumpkin pistachio cake, and we watched Junior Master Chef and just hung out. Aimee is good quality. And she is so complimentary! Haha. After an evening with her I'm on quite an ego trip ;) I just love cooking for people. In a large group situation it can be a bit tough, but cooking for one or two people makes me really happy. I love people enjoying what I give them to eat, it energises me. On that note though, my energy is depleted - it's definitely time for bed!!!

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