Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 134

I'm going to whinge about the weather for a moment. We're a third of the way into Autumn, and frankly, it may as well still be Summer. We're still hitting 30+ Celsius every single day. Not cool, sun. Not cool. According to my weather report at work, this time last year we were consistently in the mid-20s. It's enough to make a cold-weather-and-rain-loving girl cry.
Mornings at the moment give me a little bit of hope. They're pretty. They're fresh and cool. Washing left on the line overnight is damp. I can wear my trackpants as I potter around the house. This small change is keeping me from going insane. I know the concept is ridiculous to those crazy lovers of Summer, but grey skies and the clanging of rain on the roof is so what this heart needs right now...

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