Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 122

Gah. The guilt! I'm here to admit that I've really let this project slide lately. How very disappointing. I'm going to point the finger at something entirely out of my control. The heat wave. Yep, nothing like avoiding the blame! But seriously. Mid to late February was a killer. I've never been so uncomfortable, lethargic and uninspired to do anything in my life. Our air con broke about a week before the heat wave hit, and we made the decision to replace the old evaporative with a new split system - when we can afford it. I'm going to be the first to admit - I'm a princess. I've never had to live without aircon, not ever. The emotional turmoil that this last month has caused me is quite horrific! Which brings me to my picture for Day 122 - the pedestal fan that my very smart, very wonderful husband bought me for Christmas. Who knew that we would come to rely so heavily on a $20 electronic device? On the very hottest days, this fan came with me from room to room - it wooshed air on us while we were sleeping, it stood faithfully by us as we watched TV on the couch, it blew gusts of relief on us as we cooked and washed dishes. Oh my. I am a fan of my fan.

The batch of photos and 'Days' to follow this are not going to be a true representation of what the 365 project was supposed to be - I came nowhere close to taking a photo a day over the last few weeks. But I did take a few, so I figure I might as well document them - and then totally get back into the old swing of things!

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