Monday, March 21, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 131

Maybe this could be considered the follow-up to my Bunnings post? This is my new baby snow pea plant! I took this photo about 24 hours after purchasing the plant, when I realised that it had already started to twist its little sprigs around the pea stake that I potted it with! I'm a little bit in love with how quickly this baby plant got moving! I think I have a soft spot for snow pea plants because on my very first herb venture about a year ago, I purchased a snow pea plant. I knew nothing about taking care of my garden, but did everything that I could, and that little plant gave me about 20 snow peas! It was such a thrill for a new gardener! Now just looking at the pretty green leaves and the twisty little sprigs makes me feel all warm inside...

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