Monday, June 28, 2010


It's Monday and I do apologise for neglecting my piece of internet for the last week or so. Life has just been so busy!
Lately I've been:
- Attending weddings. They should make it a sport! I've attended 2 weddings over the last 2 weekends, and have number 3 coming up this weekend. A wedding hat trick!
- Cooking (and looooving it!) Last night's effort was Pioneer Woman's pasta with roasted red pepper sauce. So yummy! And so good for me!
- Getting back on track at Weight Watchers. I joined up a few weeks ago and in a matter of 2 weeks, I lost 3.1kg. And then I got slack. Now I'm back on it and feeling happy. Hoping to start shrinking crazily soon enough!
- Looking after a sick puppy. Cupcake ate himself a pen last week and apparently poisoned himself. Luckily, an injection and a week of antibiotics later, he's just fine. Whew.
- Visiting the Spud Shed, a fresh produce warehouse near us. Their fruit and veg are amazing, huge, and cheap! I found snow peas longer than my fingers, apples the size of my hand and a mushroom the size of my head! Great fun! Plus the husband was in meat heaven ;)
- Saving moneys. Isn't it hard???
- Day-dreaming and looking forward to my family's upcoming trip to Karri Valley. I haven't taken a break in the last year, and I'm sooo excited to trek away to the bush, sit reading in front of the fire, and cook with my Mum and sisters. Joy!
- Event-planning. Lately I've just had the urge to spend time with people. I'm busying myself filling up everyone's social calendars. So far on the agenda: a Mudcake craft day (finally!!!), a ladies' luncheon with some new friends, and a pre-teen pyjama party with some friends from the old Church. I'm so excited!
- Having weird dreams. Nothing new here. But man, I don't know what the heck is with my head! Sleep is adventurous, I can say that much.

Maybe a post with personal pictures next time?

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