Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Turned 4 xxoo

This is a really old picture, but that's the best kind right?

Yesterday Chris and I turned 4! When I think back to that most awkward night of my life 4 years ago, I can't help but smile. It all started over a cup of coffee between friends, late one night in an ice cream shop, and we pretty much didn't make eye contact throughout The Big Feelings Talk. But I'd say it turned out fairly well!

So how did we spend our 4-year dating anniversary? Well, I had my hair done and cooked for my friends who are coming over tonight. And Chris had dinner with our friend Simon till late. Romantic, right? Ha. However, this Friday Chris has major plans. Soooo excited!


Anonymous said...

This is still one of my fabourote photos from the whole weekend!!!! Yes, fabourote. (Dont get an iPhone.)

Anonymous said...

aww how cute! congrats!