Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Have Models!

(They are also my sisters)
I am super excited for Sunday, which aside from being a day of woo-ing from the man, will also be the day I re-open the factory doors! Hannah & Steph are going to do a fun shoot with me in the morning so I can have some action shots of my brooches and hair clips. I'm so looking forward to it!

Along with the shop re-opening, I'm going to start up a Facebook fan page for a bit of free promo. Fun times ahead - in 3 sleeps to be exact!!

Also I'm really looking forward to Saturday, because I'm spending the day in Mandurah with the two best friends money can buy (ha)!!! OK I don't really pay them to hang with me. Crazily they seem to enjoy the process. We're going to be taking tons of fun photos and eating lots of fun food, most likely.

Fun note of the day: I love my slow cooker. It makes good food. Today I decided to reward my slow cooker by printing off a bunch of new recipes for it. I'm sweet like that.

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