Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Hair-Envy Post

Today I got thinking about lovely long hair...

*Envy face*
I have long hair, but it really needs a cut. And it's got some crazy re-growth. And it's dry, not lovely and luscious.

Today I seem to have a case of the Mondays. Sure, it's after work, but I'm feeling just as whingey and low as I was this morning before jumping on the train. Darn Monday. As I told Kat this morning, I'd gladly smother it with a pillow while it slept.

Yesterday was Mudcake and I didn't take a single picture! I'll have to hit up the ladies who did. It was a fun day, and I proudly got to enjoy a bestie's first ever scrap-booking moment with her!! Go Hatti go!
I loomed a bunch of flowers and made a few petally brooches. I am a loser, because I don't have any photos of that stuff either. I'm all talk, pretty much ;)

Tonight the plan is to think of something to cook for dinner, and make husbandly-husband watch Camp Rock with me!
(Button Factory re-opens on Saturday... So much to do. Squeak!!)

1 comment:

Hearthandmade said...

I also am wearing my envy face right now. I love your blog :)

It makes me want my hair to grow faster - stoopid bob!