Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 171

Woops! I just realised I got my days mixed up - this post relates to last Wednesday, and therefore should have gone before the post above. Erm... yeah. This is the kind of rustic charm you come here for, right?
So anyway. Easter. Do you know what I love about Easter? I mean aside from Jesus, who is obviously the point of the season. Looking at the picture above, can you perhaps guess? No, you probably can't. Because you were thinking "Klara looooves Easter eggs", weren't you? But guess what - I don't love Easter eggs. They are all right, but nothing worth gushing over. However, what I do love is...CHEAP Easter eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. I love going to the store the day after the Easter public holidays are over, and loading up my basket with half-price Easter eggs! It's so exciting! To me, Easter eggs are the perfect little amount of chocolate - if you're trying to limit your intake, it's so easy to just grab a couple of little Easter eggs to bring to work for a little chocolate hit. Way better than having half a block of chocolate looming in the pantry, screaming "You only took TWO LITTLE PIECES OF CHOCOLATE?! But I'm unwrapped now! What about the ants!? WHAT ABOUT THE ANTS!?" My blocks of chocolate all scream that at me, hence why I eat so much chocolate - once the block is open, it demands that you eat it. But Easter eggs are so demure - they're separately wrapped so they don't judge if you only eat one. Before Easter, they're expensive. But after Easter they're such a bargain, the good reasons for purchasing them start to stack up.

So in other news, I can write lengthy paragraphs on Easter eggs and the personalities of different chocolate mediums. Awkward.

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