Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Did 365 - Day 170

Guilty pleasure time!! Interesting fact (disclaimer - I use the word interesting loosely): I am so not into flavoured coffees any more. They had their time to shine, didn't they? A few years ago I never even considered ordering a coffee without some kind of super-sweet flavour mixed in - hazelnut, butterscotch, irish creme, caramel... oh how new options excited me! My sweet tooth must have exploded because my taste for flavoured coffees seemingly disappeared overnight a year or so ago. Probably a good thing, because I can only imagine the sugar-cancer I was getting from the Gloria Jeans Mocha Caramelattes I was so prone to consuming as often as possible. ANYWAY. Strangely enough, there is one flavoured coffee which I still adore a little bit - the Muzz Buzz Snickerl Latte. I know, talk about a sugar overload, right? And yet every now and then, this is the coffee that I crave above all else. Last week my dear sister Nahn borrowed a flower crown off me to wear to a work party on Friday (something about a royal wedding or something?) and as a thank you (I'm guessing) she came equipped with a Snicker Latte. And it was consumed with much joy.

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