Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Pre-Spring To-Do List

I've mentioned that lately it's been sunny. Even though we're still in the early days of August, I'm convinced we've hit fake-Spring here in Perth. And nobody thought to tell the productive part of my brain that this isn't the REAL Spring, because I've found it's been quite suddenly kicked into gear! So thanks, premature sunshine, for cutting short my contented wallowing in Lazy Winter.
Yesterday afternoon I pulled out a new notepad and starting writing lists. Yup, lists, plural. But I will only bore you with one of them.

Things To Do Before Spring
1. Purchase a chunk of kitchen from Ikea. We've been talking about our planned kitchen reno FOREVER!

2. Weed the entire garden. If you saw our garden, you'd understand that this might not be all that realistic...

3. Make limoncello

4. Tidy up and re-arrange our cluttered, good-for-nothing reading room and turn it into the retreat it was supposed to be!!

5. Crochet 10 squares towards the blanket I'm working on

6. Pull up all the random concrete slabs all over our yard

7. Get rid of the random chunk of wooden fence in the middle of the yard, and the vine that's growing all over it (you can see, our yard is getting quite the touch-up!)

8. Frame & hang the various prints I've been purchasing over the last year!

9. Stop biting my nails - it would be so wonderful to paint my nails to be pretty for the Spring!

Contrary to much more standard lists, I'm stopping at 9 rather than the well-rounded 10. After all, we've only got half a month to go! Eeep!

Expect a follow-up in a few weeks...

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