Friday, January 29, 2010

It's New...

... and boring looking. But every new home starts out pretty plain and empty right?

Yep, this is the new blog. I've held a few in my time but this one feels right.

This morning I had a big conversation with the man in my life. His name is Chris and I adore him and respect his opinion. This morning though, not so much (the respecting-his-opinion part). We talked about the future, or more specifically, my future. The one that I've been stalling on and humming and hahhhing over since I realised at 18 I would never be a big movie director in Hollywood. He told me to find a way to do what I like to do, and I told him he was a fool for trying to tell me that would be realistic because all I really want to do in life is craft and music.
We talked some more and then scooted to work. I think he might have been late, even. It was a long talk.

I sat in my chair at work and got to opening the copious amounts of mail on my desk, and I began to think. About how when I paid attention to my Etsy store, I made a few sales. And how for a little while there (a few days, tops) some bloggers that I hugely admire came to know who I was, through my blog (like I said, a few days!!) Then life got in the way and I let the shop die, and with that my blog-hits also died.

Chris gave me a deadline this morning to re-open my shop in 2 weeks. And I really want to do it. So I've made plans with him, my new business partner apparently, to start treating this thing as a part-time job. Committing hours to it, 15 per week in fact. It might not sound like much but I'm also working full time, so it'll do for now.

Now to see if Chris really is a fool... ;)

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